Services Offered

Cemetery arrangements at Union Dale involve five parts.

Required parts are the "Right of Interment", the "Interment", and "Burial Vault". Optional parts are "Headstones, Monuments and Markers" and "Grave Care Products and Services".

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Right of Interment

The first step is to acquire the "Right of Interment" to be buried at Union Dale. Many refer to this as buying a grave. What is actually purchased is the right to be interred (buried) at a specific location in the cemetery. Right of Interment is almost always purchased directly from the cemetery. Someone owning a Right of Interment is called a Lot Owner.

One may also obtain the "Right of Interment" by special agreement with a Lot Owner, usually a relative controlling more graves than they need. This is called an Assignment. It is possible to purchase from a Lot Owner wishing to sell their Right of Interment. Please know, an Assignment or purchase from a third party must be processed at the cemetery office for the transaction to be recognized by the cemetery.


The "Interment" consists of the excavation of the grave at the time that it is required. On some occasions a funeral director may include the cost of this service in with other funeral arrangements; however, it is best to communicate directly with the cemetery to let us know you have made this arrangement.

Grave Care Products and Services

Union Dale Cemetery offers Grave Care Products and Services as optional purchases that provide decoration or extra care to the grave or headstone. Thousands of these transactions occur each year. You may find out more about the available services at this link: Flowers, Wreaths, and Headstone Care.

Burial Vault

The burial vault is a container into which the casket is placed. A burial vault is not sold by the cemetery and is usually purchased through your funeral director.  Use of a burial vault is required by the cemetery for all but cremation burials.

There is more information about the interment process available at these links for Traditional Burial and Cremation Burial.

Headstones, Monuments and Markers

While optional, the vast majority of those interred at Union Dale have a headstone, a monument, or a marker (a memorial whose top surface is flush with the surface of the ground). Generally, the cemetery does not sell headstones, monuments, or markers.  Each section of the cemetery has specific regulations with respect to size and placement of headstones, monuments, and markers. Please ask your monument dealer to be aware of the regulations during the selection process.