Regulations and Standards


Annual flowers and fresh cut flowers in disposable vases
Artificial flowers between November 10 and April 10
Please place all decorations within one-foot of the front of the headstone and within the width of the headstone

Not Permitted:

Shrubs, bushes, trees, edging or fence of any type
Glass or ceramic containers, stone chips or any mowing hazards
Digging or planting of an entire grave

The Cemetery is not responsible for damage to perennial plants.� The Cemetery reserves the right to remove unsightly plants or floral designs without notice.


Cleanup times are posted on the signs at the main entrance of each Division.
The Cemetery will dispose of all decorations remaining after:
The first week of March (winter cleanup)
One week after Easter (spring cleanup)
The first week of November (fall cleanup)in the width of the headstone

Pets must be leashed at all times. Please remember to clean up after your pet.

Gate opening and closing times are posted inside each entrance.� The times vary seasonally.� Call (412) 321-0774 for the current schedule.

For everyone's safety, please watch for maintenance equipment and drive responsibly.