Ralph C Minehart
The Father of Pennsylvania DeMolay


Ralph C. Minehart, also known as “Uncle Ralph,” brought the Order of DeMolay to the state of Pennsylvania. His roots trace back to Brownsville, PA, where he was born on October 1, 1872. He moved to Pittsburgh when he was a teenager and spent the rest of his days in Bellevue with his wife, Emily Rodney.

Minehart spent his professional career working as a photographer and later in real estate, but had a true passion for his membership in the Masonic fraternity. He became a Mason to follow in the footsteps of his father-in-law, Robert Thomas Rodney, a Freemason and prominent figure in Pittsburgh’s business world. After experiencing the conferring of the Degrees of DeMolay firsthand in New Jersey, Minehart was determined to bring DeMolay to his home state. His hard work paid off as he was appointed the Deputy for Pennsylvania by the DeMolay Grand Council.

Minehart died on December 10, 1933, leaving behind a reputation as a kind-hearted, cheerful man who always put others before himself. His humility resonated with those around him and continues to resonate with the Pennsylvania DeMolay to this day.



“The Father of PA DeMolay,” courtesy of Pennsylvania DeMolay.